4-11-11 - IT'S A.... BABY!

If you aren't friends with me on Facebook and you don't follow me on Twitter (@lisamdh) then you may not have heard the news.

Baby Hartman is a boy!

After weeks of telling myself that I didn't care whether it was a boy or a girl (and I don't!) and that I didn't have a guess either way (that was apparently a lie) I will admit that deep down I thought it was a girl.  I fooled even myself, since it wasn't until after they told us it was a boy that I said, "But I was so sure it was a girl!"

Oh well, boy it is! And it's still true that I didn't care either way.  We are thrilled.  Baby H didn't get a clear bill of health though, and I will be going in for some additional testing later this week. I will tell you all about that in another post.

So now we are getting the daily question, "Have you thought about names?"

Well, we have.  But all of the names we picked up out and agreed on were girl names.  And now we're not having a girl.

So we have some "girl names" in our pocket just in a case we're surprised on due day and a little girl comes popping out instead of the little boy that we're now expecting.  But we're moving expecting a boy, and now we come to realize that naming boys is a LOT harder than naming girls.

There just seem to be more girl names out there.  This may be due to the fact that people get way more creative with girl names.  Creative girl names can often equal cute, but it seems like creative boy names usually equals girly, and we're not interested in any gender identify conflicts.  Plus, we like more traditional boy names, but we haven't really stumbled upon anything that we can definitely agree on.  At least not yet.

Naming a human for the rest of it's life is BIG DEAL.  Something we take very seriously and plan to put a lot of thought into.  Good thing we still have four months to figure it out!

Please start providing your baby boy naming suggestions below!


cali4love said...

YAYYYYY!! Saw the awesome announcement on FB and I am so happy for you!! congrats!! :)

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