4-13-11 - 21 weeks and counting

Last night I said, "Wow, I'm 21 weeks now! Only 19 weeks to go!"

And DH said something like, "Holy crap! You mean that baby is going to be here in 19 weeks!?!"

Yep.  Only 19 weeks.

Which sounds interminably long and yet so quick at the same time.  Long because I'm the one living this pregnancy every minute of every day, the one who had to give up alcohol and deli meat and my obsession with maintaining my weight.  I had to give up a lot already, which is why I think they say that women become "moms" before men do - we don't have a choice.

Then I look at our calendar, and I have that same "Holy crap, 19 weeks!?!" moment that DH did.  Our summers are notorious for filling up before the first day of spring, and this year is no exception.  I'm sorry to say that if you're planning on inviting us to anything for the summer, I hope you already sent us an invite, otherwise we probably won't be able to make it.  Between weddings, baby showers, family visits, weekends that I have to work, and DH leaving me for 2+ weeks this summer to earn some extra cash, our summer is shot.  That's factoring in the fact that I'm not committing to any traveling starting August 1, since I'll likely be in that window of "it could happen any time now" and won't want to stray too far from Pittsburgh.

19 weeks isn't that far away at all.  We have sooo much we still need to do, including finishing the baby room, and then moving our furniture into it so that we can paint and install overhead lights in the master bedroom.  Given the rate of progress that we've made on the baby room so far, at this rate we won't finish the master until mid-December.  Our house is still gutterless, our attic needs floor boards so that we can move some of the stuff from our overflowing garage into it, and DH has ambitious plans to rip up the rest of the carpeting in the house and finish all of the hardwood floors.  Plus, one needs time for fun and hobbies, right?  Gardening season is right around the corner and I still haven't planted my lettuce, spinach, and chard seeds. I'm going to be too late to be early if I don't do that this weekend. I am determined to still maintain a thriving garden despite my "condition" for the summer.  Hopefully Baby Hartman will enjoy sunny weather gardening as much as I do.

So needless to say, we feel like we're drowning in projects right now.  And projects cost money, which we don't have a lot of currently, so budgeting is tight, and these gas prices are NOT helping.  We're now accepting applications for manual laborers.  The pay is non-existent, but lunch is provided!  See you on Sunday at 9 a.m.


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