Quote of the Week

Much like the "Strange Pregnancy Fact of the Week" this week's quote will probably be the one and only.  But just in case I come up with any other doozies, I'm going to stick with the title.

If you were a stink bug on our wall last week (didn't you know? Stink bugs on the wall are the new "fly on the wall," at least according; let's make this phase catch on! Start saying "stink bug on the wall" - who worries about flies anymore anyway?) you might have overheard me make the following claim:

"I don't understand how THIS (holding and gesturing towards my stomach) can get any bigger, and I still survive." 

I know. I have a lot to learn and a long way to go.  Something tells me I will survive, but on those nights when I feel like an overinflated balloon, I can't help but wonder how anyone can think this is normal.


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