Week 20 - Whoa! Half-way there!

Today (actual today, April 6th), marks the official 20 week mark.

The official "half-way" point. 

The official "only 20 more weeks until there is a baby" mark. 


Things are really hectic at work so I don't have a picture for today, and I'm obviously still behind in getting those back-posts up, but it will happen soon, I promise! 

Friday is the big ultrasound day and assuming that New Hartman isn't being overly modest, we will hopefully find out the gender!  I can't wait to find out, as I have been putting off thinking about names until I know whether it's a boy or girl.  I didn't want to fall in a love with a name (whether it be boy or girl) only to find out that the baby was the opposite gender.  But soon I won't have to refrain anymore. 

According to poll - and there's still time to vote - the majority of you think that we're having a girl!  We'll find out soon enough!


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