Water Walk

On Sunday we participated in Amizade's annual Water Walk, an event to help raise awareness and money for women in Tanzania who spend the majority of their time walking back and forth between their home and their water source transporting water, since there isn't running water there.  Money raised through this event is used to purchase rain water harvesting systems, which are basically tanks that collect rainwater so that people don't have to carry it for miles and miles.

We started on the lawn of the Cathedral of Learning.

Nearly everyone carried a bucket...

And I quickly learned that I was quite adept at carrying my bucket on my head.

All in all, the event lasted just short of an hour, and we walked about 1 mile through Oakland and into Schenley Park.

Want to see some pictures of what it looks like in Africa?
Let me google that for you - http://lmgtfy.com/?q=carrying+water+in+tanzania+images.  It's pretty crazy... I was super proud of being able to balance my less-than-quarter-filled bucket with one arm.  Can you imagine carrying a full one without using your arms at all?  Impressive.

The Water Walk was a great way to spend a sunny spring afternoon, and hopefully it achieved its goal in helping to raise awareness and will hopefully allow Amizade to donate more water tanks to Tanzanian families.

If you're interested in learning more about Amizada, check them out at www.amizade.org.

And, as you might recall, the water walk was the first of two volunteer/service events that Dave and I decided to do this year.  In a couple of weeks, we'll be volunteering at the Pittsburgh Marathon!  Can't wait!


BeeKayRoot said...

Very cool! The "water walk" sounds pretty unique.

I'm participating in the Relay for Life this July for the first time, and I'm very excited to be doing so.

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