The Great Wall of Easter

I mentioned in my last post that we spent most of our Easter weekend building a wall.  Let's call it the "great wall of Easter."

Here are some "before" pictures:

Murph on his sunning pad...

And a side view...

As you can see, this part of our yard is ridiculous.  It is not practical for really any purpose.  Those random pieces of wood were essentially an attempt by the previous owners to create a border for a garden that was really just a massive hill.  To us, it was just more brown ugliness. 

So on Good Friday I did some major spring cleaning and Dave dug a trench at the bottom of that hill.

Then he filled it with gravel. 

Then he checked his level.  (Naturally.)

Meanwhile, Murph continued to lounge on his sunning pad.

I don't care if I'm in the way...

Then Dave picked up the blocks, and the wall began to take shape!  I should mention that he nearly killed himself transporting those blocks... they weighed 80 pounds a piece, and he had to push them up a hill and across the length of our yard, two at a time in a wheelbarrow.  He's tough, if you couldn't tell already.

A wall started to form....

And then, VOILA!

A wonderful, three-layered wall (minus one block.  Oops.)

Obviously there's still a lot of work to do: we need to get one more block, put on the top pieces, sort through the rocks and roots from the whole Dave dug and then figure out how we're going to layout the garden.  But all in all, I think it was a very successful project!

"Murph, what do you think of the wall?"

"Bark... As long as I can still get my daily dose of Vitamin D, I'm cool with it. Bark."



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