I had originally planned to work on some blog postings last night.  But around lunch time yesterday, I developed a migraine headache that overtook me so quickly I didn't quite understand what had even happened.  My migraine pills did no good.  My co-worker was off, so I couldn't just go home.  I stayed in the office, suffering miserably.  I don't even remember what I accomplished - probably nothing.

When it came time to leave, I debated just closing my office door and taking a nap on my love seat.  But I wanted to go home and sleep in my own bed, so I got into my car, only to immediately become stuck in horrible, completely stopped traffic.  Apparently a truck of bricks spilled on 279 North, snarling traffic for hours. 

If you are my Facebook friend, you might have noticed this post from yesterday evening:

Seriously - it was that bad.  It took everything I had to finish that drive home, arriving almost an hour later than normal, and I immediately crawled into bed.  

This morning, I woke up, feeling mostly better.  I was pleasantly surprised to see that the only positive thing that came from that horrible migraine was that I lost 1 full pound between Monday morning and Tuesday morning.  

When I went into my FatSecret.com account to enter my weight for the day, I received the following message: 

"Warning! You are losing weight at the unhealthy pace of 7 pounds per week! If this is correct, click OK.  If you would like to change your entry, click Cancel."  

I clicked OK.  And wished like hell that I could actually lose 7 pounds in one week.  If that was the case, all of my problems would be solved by next Tuesday....


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