Update on "Goal - 10 pounds in 8 weeks"

On day 4 of the "10 pounds in 8 weeks" goal, and I'm proud to report that I've already lost 2 pounds! 

I'm celebrating, but not too much.  Remember the other day how I mentioned that I think I gained about 3 pounds last week?  Well, those are always the easiest pounds to lose, so I won't be surprised if I lose another pound in the next couple of days.  It's the remaining 7 that's probably going to be the death of me.

The other challenge?  I'm not working tomorrow.  Not being at work means a less structured environment through which I can control my eating.  At work I only have what I brought with me that morning.  I don't keep snacks in my desk (aside from gum, which is zero calories.)  When I'm home, I have access to soooo much food.  The temptation is constant, even if it's food that I don't really like. 

Would it be totally ridiculous if I set aside all of the food that I want to eat tomorrow and put it in little ziploc baggies and tupperware containers and only let myself eat that?

Really, who am I kidding?  Dave's mom is coming out tomorrow night, and we're going to happy hour at my absolute most favorite restaurant in the entire world - Mad Mex.   Even though the cheese-less chicken burrito that I always order is relatively low-calorie (at least as far as restaurant food goes), I'm fairly certain that at least a couple of beers are going to be involved.  But as long as I'm strong earlier in the day, I feel like I can maintain this weight loss.  My problem always is that the weekends ruin all of the hard work that I do during the week.  That's the trend that I need to stop - pronto. 


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