A 3 bed dog

Before we even got Murphy, Dave gave me a dog bed as a Valentine's gift, as a placeholder for the dog that we would soon get.  Murph still has that bed, and he sleeps in it every week day when I Dave and I are at work.  Then, last year my mom gave me the L.L.Bean bed that her dog used to sleep on - he had long ago decided that he preferred sleeping in a plastic under-the-bed box lined with an afghan.  Then we bought Murphy the crate, and the L.L.Bean bed was a perfect fit.  The crate in the living room was like Murphy's bedroom - it was his own little space in the living room where he could be comfortable but still be near us.

But as you know, we recently we moved the crate into our bedroom.  It's too big to move back and forth every day, and we're apparently too lazy to bother to move the bed out of the bathroom and into the living room on any regular basis.  Murph, who hasn't really complained, started spending more time sleeping underneath the bed in the spare bedroom - away from us.  That's not really a big deal, except that when he's under the bed he actually sleeps, which means crazy dog a few hours later when we're ready to go to bed.  At least when he was laying in the living room, he would watch us and get up anytime we moved.  That meant less crazy dog at nighttime.

So yesterday we bought Murphy another - yes, his third bed.  He's got one in the bedroom, one in the bathroom, and one in the living room.

The good news? He loves it!! He's already started going to it whenever Dave and I are in the living room or dining room.  We put his little bed pillow in it so that it would smell more like him, and the best news of all?  It's the exact same color as our living room furniture!

It's probably hard to tell from this picture, but it's a dark blue-ish gray - is that a Crayola color?

Is it a little obnoxious to have 3 beds for our dog? Absolutely.  But we wouldn't have it any other way!


Ms2Mrs said...

Aww! So cute. I moved K's bed but she's not happy with where it is.

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