Last night instead of just doing my normal cardio routine, I went on the bike for 15 minutes and then decided to shake things up a little.  I did 100 cruches (50 normal and 50 side ones, 25 on each side), 15 squats, 12 lunges, and 12 push-ups.   I WANT my legs to ache or my butt to be sore.  I would LOVE for my abs to hurt in that feels-really-good-because-I-know-it-was-good-for-me kind of way.  But do you know what hurt me the most? The 12 push-ups. 

Here's what hurts.  Put your hands on your waist like you're angry at your kids.   Now, slide your hands up your sides until they're right under your armpit.  Right there - that's where it hurts.  I don't even know what muscle it is - Wikipedia tells me that it might be my "rotator cuff" or the upper part of my "latissimus dorsi." 

Either way, I don't care - I hate it!  Usually when my muscles are sore there is some sort of stretch that I can do to help make them feel better.  How do you stretch your under-arm-pit muscle?  In fact, I find it hard to believe that there's even muscle there! All I really feel is rib bone with some skin covering it.  But there must be a thin layer of muscle between the two, and that layer is NOT happy. 

The only thing that offers even a slight bit of comfort is massaging them with my thumbs or the palm of my hand.  But I'm at work, and when my co-workers walk into my office and see me rubbing what appears to be the outer sides of my chest, I would get funny stares, something that I don't really want to deal with.

I've known for a long time that I have absolutely no upper-body strength.  In fact, I'm surprised that I could even pull off 12 push-up (girl-style, mind you) at all. 

I'm weak.  I need to do something about that. 

Any suggestions for good exercises to help tone my arms and upper-body?  I have hand weights of the 3, 5, and 8 pound varieties!


Tina said...

You should get a few sets of hand weights. At the gym I use 2.5lbs to about 7lbs depending on the muscle. I love using weights more than the straight cardio stuff. It gives me that "good sore" feeling. I now know a ton of upper body stuff you can do with the weights if you want so ideas.

Tina said...

Someone brougt to my attention that you have hand weights. Turns out it was you, in this blog post.

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