The Murph Tunnel

With snow 30 inches high (no accounting for compacting over time), and the fact that more snow continues to fall, we had to come up with a plan for accommodating Murphy's "outside" needs.  Our only real option was to shovel out a bathroom area for him, but Dave went above a beyond.

Behold, the Murph Tunnel.

He LOVES it!

The Murph Tunnel started off as just a small circular area off of our back porch, with a little niche dug in "for privacy." (Dave's words, not mine.)

It then expanded when we had to make sure that our dryer vent was clear (our clothes weren't drying properly and we suspected it was blocked.)  Thus, the first leg of the tunnel was created.

Bark bark... going to sniff the dryer vent....

But then Dave dug out a second tunnel that extended far beyond the house, opened into another clearing, and then tied back around to the meet with the original tunnel.

The face of an overachiever

It is a little ridiculous?


But Murph loves it!  And it allows him some space to run, since he is obviously not getting any walks right now.  My only worry?  That he'll see a deer or a bunny or some other animal and try to jump out of the tunnel.

Do I smell something???

But I'm pretty sure that he'll drown in snow before he gets too far, so for now, I'll just worry while he's outside, and be grateful whenever he comes back in.

Oh, the things we do for our dogs....


Ms2Mrs said...

Kohl totally has a Kohl tunnel at my parents house. I don't have a ton of yard space so she's somewhat limited. But she loves her tunnel!

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