Baggie Booties

Have you met my dog, Murphy?

He's a cutie, but Murphy can be a real baby.  You step on him ever so lightly and he yelps like you just amputated his tail.  He always wants to come outside with us when we're shoveling snow, but after about 10 minutes he starts limping and biting at his paws because the pads on his feet are frozen. 

So, much to Dave's delight (well, maybe not delight, but he didn't hate it nearly as much as I thought he would!) I devised the Baggie Booties for Murph's feet.

What's a baggie bootie?  Very simply, a sandwich bag attached to a paw with hair ties. 

See it there on the left!?!

I know.  You're thinking, "Why doesn't he have one one his right paw?"

Mommy! What did you do to me!?!?

Well, for some reason the one on the right paw really bothered him.  He chewed at it until it fell off and I thought the other 3 would quickly follow.  But nope.  Once that one was off, he was fine, happily bounding around in the snow. 

He lasted for over 30 minutes before he went to the door and indicated to us that he wanted to go inside.  But even then, he still wasn't biting at his paws (not even the exposed one) like he had in the past.  So, even though getting those stupid things on his feet took waaaaay longer than you would think or believe, I consider this experiment an enormous success. 

Patent pending.


Ms2Mrs said...

Thats too cute! Kohl would never let me do that to her.

Sarah said...

Happy to come across your blog! I'm new to the blog world and trying to get the hang of it all. Your pup is too cute (especially in her little sweater)! Those booties cracked me up. Just a little FYI-my dog gets sore paws whenever I run with her. She can handle a 2 hour walk, but running 2 miles roughs up her paws. I came across some gel that you rub on their paws. It's used to protect from ice, pavement, snow, wet, etc. It looks like a deodorant container, is found at pet store chains and isn't very expensive at all. Then again...those bags are cheap and easily replaceable! :)

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