Storm of the Century - Part 2

Also known as, "Hartman's do the craziest things."

My last post ended with us nearing the end of the driveway. We were finally able to make it to the road!

The passageway from the driveway to the road

And all this time Murph sat in his window seat, watching us

But after 2 solid hours of hard manual labor, the Hartman brothers decided it was time for some fun.  So they started up the Jeep, cleared off some of the snow, and drove it down the driveway, crashing through the snow barrier at the bottom.  Here's a visual for you.

My job was to take pictures.  Unfortunately, this is the only picture I got.  I was too terrified to snap any other pictures.  As you can see, I was straight downhill from the Jeep.  I was standing behind the mailbox, which both brothers assured me was the safest place to be.  But if - for some reason - the Jeep did not navigate the slight turn to get into the road, or slid at all once it hit the snow barrier, I felt like I would be vulnerable.

In the end, it was perfectly safe, and even saved us some time, since it loosened up the densely packed snow-plow snow at the end of our drive. 

 Just look at that smile on his face! Pure happiness!

The Jeep had no problems navigating the snowy roads

Yay! We survived!

So sad.. the fun is over

So, what you probably can't see very well is that to the left of the Jeep in that picture above, there is a huge amount of snow.  We conquered the hill rather quickly, but the large flat area at the top of our driveway was going to be a much greater challenge.  You see, there's really no where to throw the snow.  That dilemma was partly the reason that we avoided it in the beginning.  I felt like it would be nearly impossible.

But with the help of a wheelbarrow, we persevered, and succeeded.  I was working hard at this point (on wheelbarrow duty, actually) so I didn't take any pictures of the "before," but here is the after.


And we decided to abandon any hopes of freeing our front door

And then the sun came out.  Beautiful.



What a day... My back is sore, we have wet towels and clothing throughout the house, and Murphy probably won't see grass again for weeks.  But all in all it was a fun day, and I'm glad that I didn't have to wake up this morning and make the decision about whether or not to try to make it to work.  Snow shoveling can be a great workout - as we all learned today. 

And there is something incredibly exciting about witnessing and being a part of a snow storm that will go down in history.


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