My Day

Today is my birthday and while I usually like to make a big deal out of it, I've decided to tone it down a bit this year.  I took the day off of work, I slept in, watched some TV this morning, ate fried potatoes for breakfast, and then went to the library. I bought a full fat cappucino from 7-Eleven and am now trying to write some blog posts that I've had in my head for the past few days.

Tonight we're going to Houlihan's for a raspberry long island ice tea and filet mignon (free, with my birthday coupon.) And there are plans to go out on Friday with the elder Hartman brother.

But today it's all amount me. 

What? You think just because I said I was toning it down a bit this year that I wouldn't still be at least a little obnoxious?

The best birthday gift that I've received today thus far? 10 for $10 avocados at Kuhn's!  Avocado's are NEVER on sale at Giant Eagle! Ever!  I bought 5 - and I was giddy with excitement about it!

I've really been enjoying 
Anyway, if you want to do something for me for my birthday, leave me a comment on this blog!  There are 3 or 4 people who comment regularly, but everyone usually just sends me an e-mail or facebook message that no one else gets to read.  Come on people! Blog comments are fun! Get the conversation started!


ashleigh said...

The information about avacados being 10 for 10 means I am having guac for dinner tonight!!! Thanks! :)

Have a happy, happy, happy day, Lisa!

Lisa said...

I'm making guac right now!!! However, the avocado's that I got aren't totally ripe yet, and I'm having a hard time mashing it!

ashleigh said...

That's the worst! But it is SO worth it. I am starving just thinking about it... :)

Do you just do avacados and the flavor packet for guac, or are you more authentic than I am?

Lisa said...

I LOVE the seasoning packets!

Laura said...

Happy Birthday!!

Sara said...

Happy Birthday, Lisa! I hope you have a fabulous birthday week. Enjoy your time off and enjoy those avocados! :)

Ms2Mrs said...

Hope you have a great b-day!!!

BeeKayRoot said...

Happy Birthday, Lisa. I'm ashamed to admit that I've never bought an avocado, but I've lately been thinking about buying a few and trying to make something with them. You might have just inspired me to do so.

I hope you've had a wonderful day.

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