The New Hartman no more???

A few weeks ago when Dave's brothers were here, the topic of my blog came up.  "The New Hartman!" one of them yelled.  "You're not the new Hartman anymore!"

Hmm... I hadn't really thought of that.  Well, actually I have and quite honestly I don't agree!  Just because I won't be the "newest" Hartman, it doesn't mean I'm still not new.  After 27 years of going by a different last name, I think that being a year and a half into my new one still makes me "new."  In fact, in nearly every aspect of my life, I still go my maiden name, even though I officially changed my name my driver's license and social security card.

So don't worry! This blog isn't changing names, and I think that it will take years before I ever stop thinking of myself as "new" in the Hartman world.

The New Hartman carries on....


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