He's back!

And so am I!

Did I mention that EH left us for a week?  At only 7.5 months of age, we sent him away for an entire week to stay with my parents.  It was heartbreaking, and oh so sad, but I had to work ridiculously stupid long hours so fortunately I was either too busy or too tired to take much notice that EH wasn't there.  Even if he had been at home, most nights I wouldn't have seen him anyway.

But he's back!

And while I was working long days and late nights, DH was teaching and slaving over our bathroom renovation.  Did I mention we were renovating our bathroom? We did.  Or we were.  Are.... we ARE renovating our bathroom. I clarify because it's far from done, but I think I can finally see the light at the end of the tunnel.  I'll be so happy when my showering experience doesn't involve cinder block and I don't need to go to my basement to use the bathroom in the middle night.

MUCH more about the bathroom renovations coming very soon, starting with "before" pictures tomorrow.

Oh, and EH celebrated his first Easter, a rather exhausting experience since he did not adjust well to being back home and was up until midnight on Saturday night.  We all got a nice long nap Sunday afternoon.

So yeah, a LOT has happened in the last two weeks.  Time to get caught up!


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