Bathroom Make-over - Before Pictures

Last week DH started renovating our main bathroom. We are trying to update every room in our house, and this room was next on the list.  So far we've done the basement family room, laundry room, garage, dining room, office/spare bedroom, and the baby room.  Still on the list is the main bathroom, the master bedroom, the living room, the hallway/entryway, the downstairs bathroom, and the screened in porch.  I'm not sure if we'll ever actually get to all of those, but when I write it down like that, we're actually already halfway through!

Anyway, our current bathroom leaves a lot to be desired.  First, it has two entrances - one from the hallway and one from our bedroom.  While this works/worked out well for us when it was just the two of us, it has proven to be awkward when we have guests and with a little one in our lives now we decided to do away with the door from our bedroom.  It's not a master bathroom, why treat it like one?

We're replacing the vanity and mirror:

Moving the tub from it's current location (behind that wall) to the wall where the window is (and yes, we're covering up the window, which makes me sad, but it's not a very functional window anyway):

Opening up the wall that makes the bathroom two separate rooms and getting rid of the door (see above.)

Tiling the(nasty) tub and putting in new fixtures:

And replacing all of the lighting.

It's costing us a small fortune but it's going to look sharp, and we're hopeful that it will make the house more valuable should we ever go to sell.  (We change our minds every other week about whether or not we should stay in this house or move.  If we stay, we could pay off our mortgage fairly quickly and use the extra cash to make our lives more enjoyable in other ways.  If we sell, we would probably upgrade to a four bedroom and go somewhere where we would have neighbors, something that DH now wants.)

The transformation is going to be shocking, and I'm going to slowly reveal it this week.  You won't believe what it looked like after the first day of work!


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