Bathroom Renovation - End of week 3

The progress on the bathroom renovation - which was always pretty slow to begin with - slowed down to a snail's pace with the return of EH, the departure of brother H, and life in general.  The weekend of April 21st we decided that I would take full responsibility for EH care so that DH could make some significant progress on the bathroom.  Since not much happened between days 8 and 21, I'm going to skip those for the sake of everyone's sanity (since these posts are starting to get old) and jump right to the good stuff.

Tasks that were completed in this two day period included:
- Grouting of the shower tile
- Installation of the shower hardware
- Installation of the sink hardware
- Plumbing of the sink
- Installation of the door and door trim
- Installation of the floor trim

Still left to do:
- Install the shower door
- Paint the bathroom door
- Wood putty all nail holes
- Caulk everything
- Sand
- Repaint where needed
- Installation of the cabinet hardware
- Installation of towel rods, toilet paper holder, etc. 

And here is what it looks like:



And a door! (I was most excited about this since it meant we could finally at least use the toilet without having to go downstairs! First world problems, I know....)

We've come a loooong way from this, don't you think?


Corinne said...

WOW! What a difference! Although it took longer than you anticipated, in my opinion that was well worth the wait!


Stephanie Hain Torres said...

Looks amazing!

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