Easter was good to him

I know that Easter was over a week ago, but I was going through the photos on my phone, and just saw this picture that I took on Easter morning.

No, the Easter Bunny did not come to our house this year.  Maybe next year. (Maybe.)  But the Easter Nana did come, with a glittery, sparkly egg-shaped bag.  EH was most interested in the card that was attached and the tissue paper, but deep down he was super excited about the clothes that he received.

A pair of khaki and a pair of denim shorts!  A monkey tshirt and onesie with matching shorts! A toothbrush, and toothpaste!  No, he does not have any teeth, but he promptly started chewing on the cardboard packaging of the toothbrush anyway. 

Sticking his tongue out - like he's doing in the picture above - is his new favorite thing.  He does it when he's thinking, when he's playing, when he's smiling - pretty much all of the time.  It's super cute but it means LOTS of extra drool coming out of that mouth of his.  We go through 2 or 3 bibs a day these days.  Perhaps bibs should be what the Easter Nana brings next year!


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