8 Months Old

EH is 8 and a half months old now, and he is a bundle of fun.  The other day DH asked me what I thought my favorite age of EH's was going to be, and so far, I chose this one.

Think about it -  he's smily and giggly and responsive and gives so much back, but he also doesn't talk back yet.  He doesn't have a strong opinion and doesn't fight when we want him to do something.  He changes a little bit every day and there's always something new to be excited about.   He's not mobile yet so we're not going crazy chasing him around and he's not getting into every little thing or bumping his head off of things and screaming in paining. 

We don't know exactly how much he weighs or what his percentiles are, and sadly we won't know that until his 9 month check-up in May (which is driving us crazy!!!)

We're starting to feel the "pressure" of baby development.  While we are working on and making progress in a lot of areas, EH is still pretty behind other babies his age. 
- He does not have a single tooth yet
- He does not crawl, and does not seem to be interested in crawling at all
- He doesn't get into a sitting position on his own (when he's laying down)
- He doesn't want to hold his own sippy cup

I know, I know, I know... every baby develops at his or her own rate.  And we get that, we do.  But when 5 month old babies are crawling and HE is going on 9 months and still can't stand being on his stomach at all, we start to worry.  We're thinking that he's just going to be one of those babies that goes straight from sitting to walking.

In any case, we're loving him so much right now and enjoying this very fun stage of his life. It's crazy to think about what the next month might bring.


Emmy said...

He is such a cutie! I just wanted to offer some reassurance...Liam is now 11.5 months and just got his first tooth Easter weekend. He did not roll over, crawl, put himself in a seated position, etc...none of those things until very recently. It was hard not to worry (and we actually had him evaluated by early intervention), but turns out, everything is ok :) And for what it's worth, I've heard that the later they get teeth, the better it is for them later, it gives their teeth a chance to get stronger.

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