Help us pick a color!

Although it's probably at least a few weeks off, we're getting ready to pick a paint color for our master bedroom.

Even though I am dying to buy a new comforter and bedspread to give our room a new look, I recognize that the one we have now is in perfectly fine condition and is totally usable.  In many ways, it would be foolish to buy a new one.  That doesn't mean that I don't still want to.

But for now I'm thinking of keeping, at least for another year or two.  So I want to pick a color that will add some brightness and well, color to our room without being so over-the-top coordinated with our bedding that we'll forever be stuck with that color scheme. 

Here are the options that I identified most recently.  The valance that you see in the right hand corner is the same design as our bedspread, so you can get a sense of what we're working with here.

A broader perspective with the curtain in view

And a close-up

What do you think?  They are so similar yet oh so different. I definitely have a preference but I want to see if anyone else thinks a particular color would look better than the others.  I would definitely appreciate the input!


Corinne said...

hmmm i really like 2 and 3! But the decision is ultimately yours and I know you'll choose the right one for your home!

btw- Miley's at Camp Bow Wow North :)

Marlee said...

I say 2, 8, or 10, but I really am horrible at this thing! I just get so excited about home improvements haha!!

Abby said...

I like #4. it looks cozy and bright.

Ms2Mrs..and back to Ms said...

I like 4, 6 and 8. Those just look warm and inviting to me.

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