24 Weeks and a Fun Fact

(Note: 24 weeks was technically last week - I am now at 25. That picture coming soon!)

I have officially been pregnant for 24 weeks now - only 16 left to go!  Some might say that I'm in my 6th month, but I don't like the four-weeks-is-one-month-and-pregnancies-last-for-ten-months theory, and I know that I won't officially be 6 months until May 17th, so for now I'm just sticking with weeks.

The growth spurt of the past few weeks continues.  I am constantly amazed at how big I am and how big I feel.  I try to fit my body into small spaces - such as squeezing behind an office chair at work and suddenly getting stuck.  My co-workers definitely enjoy making fun of me for such things. 

Before I show you the picture from this week, I will start the first "fun fact," which I learned through the BabyCenter email that I receive.

Here's the fact:
My uterus is the size of a soccer ball.

A soccer ball!?!??! Do you know how ENORMOUS a soccer is??? It seems crazy to me to consider that something of that size is growing inside me, but then again, it explains why it looks like I have a... well.. a ball of some sort protruding from my stomach.  Why shouldn't it be a soccer ball?

Want to see that soccer ball? (Well, sort of see it, anyway.)

 I grow a nice soccer ball, don't I?

Week 25 pic coming soon!


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