26 Weeks Pregnant

(From Wednesday,  May 18th)

26 weeks down, 14 to go.  A few things....

My soccer ball is starting to look more like a beach ball.  

Sorry, not the best belly picture ever....

I have gained 21 pounds.  Not horrible, but still well above and outside of the range told to me by the BabyCenter Weigh Gain Calculator

People that I don't know are now asking me when I'm due.  This goes against DH's cardinal rule of not asking a women if she's pregnant unless you can see an actual child coming out of her.  I told him to get used to it - in a few more weeks, people are probably going to start saying things like "You look like you're ready to pop!" or "Are you due any day now?"

Taken in the evening, when I always look a bit larger than I do in the mornings

I can't stand for more than hour or my feet start hurting like crazy.  How am I going to get my dance on all of these upcoming weddings?  Stone-cold sober and sore feet mean I'm probably not going to be the funnest guest this summer.

Other ever-important updates:
Stretch marks - None (yet)
Belly button - Still an innie (for now)


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