How in the world...???

As you probably (hopefully) know, this past weekend was "fall back" time for Daylight Savings.  Most people that I know interpret this one of two ways.
1. An extra hour of sleep!
2. An extra hour of drinking (bars open until "3," technically)

But my husband is not your average person.  He interprets this extra hour in a completely different way: An extra to work.

So instead of catching up on sleep and books and walks and laundry and giving my pup lots of extra love, I somehow allowed myself to be talked into undertaking some major home renovation projects.

You see, our home is totally livable, but we purchased it from an elderly couple and even though we've lived there for over 3 years now, it still feels... well.... elderly.  Horrible paisley wallpaper borders, white everything, shag carpet in our downstairs bathroom... you get the picture.  So, for the past couple of years we've been "saving" for some home renovations by purchasing Home Depot gift cards and then setting them aside for projects. 

So yesterday, somewhere between a catnap and the cappuccino I wanted so badly, my husband convinced me that we should undertake a somewhat major renovation project.  I was extremely reluctant for about a thousand reasons but finally gave in, and we headed to Home Depot, gift cards in hand.  By 10:10 p.m. last night I was finishing up a project that I ended up completing almost entirely on my own, asking myself "How in the world did he talk me into this?"

Curious to see the results???  Stay tuned!


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