How in the world, Part 3 - The Garage

Picking up where I left off oooohhhh so long ago...

(Need a refresher? See Part 1 and Part 2)

While I was slaving away in the dining room pulling up staples and tack strips, my husband decided that exact moment was the perfect moment to reorganize our garage.

The back of the garage cleared out and ready for new organizational methods

Don't get me wrong, our garage needed some major reorganization, and I absolutely do see the value of having a thoughtful arranged garage (especially since we don't have an attic and our garage is our only storage.)  But I did not agree that the garage need to be organized on this particular night, at this particular moment.

Which is why I have no "before" pictures of the garage.

Also, dogs are great for many reasons and for many things, but dogs are not particularly helpful when you're in a small, cluttered space where you're trying to move things around.  But we're working with storage, right?  So we decided to "store" the dog temporarily while we moved some things around.

Have I mentioned that we have the most tolerant dog in the world?

I'm not really sure what all went into this project (remember? I'm still upstairs in the dining room...) but I do know that it involved building new shelves, moving storage totes to the new shelves, organizing our smaller shelves into categories such as "car care," "electrical," or "gardening," and then filling in the gaps with our heavy machinery and large number of full five-gallon gas cans.  (I have never felt more country bumpkin than I do right now after writing that last sentence.... lordy....)

Yeah, those cans are all full

And then it looked like this. 

Can you tell that I wasn't particularly excited about this project?  I can't think of anything exciting to write about it, other than I love that my duck road sign made it into two of the four pictures in this post.  It was a gift from a past boyfriend and even my now-husband admitted that it was too cool to get rid of.  We just pretend that I always had it...

I admit that the garage does look a whole lot better and I'm glad that my husband is happy.  I just wish we could have done this project together on any other night of the year other than the night that we had just torn up our dining room carpet and I was freaking out about exposed nails in the floor.

Oh well.  Live always has a way of working itself out....


Corinne said...

haha I was going to comment that I really liked the duck sign! ;)
The Garage looks nice! I love all your storage bins!
Although I agree - different night would have been a taaaad better.

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