Election Day

I pretty much hate politics.  I didn't start voting until I was in college because I didn't feel like I was educated enough to make such a lofty decision.

But now I vote, and I find myself caring a little more, even though I really don't want to. 

This has been an ugly, ugly election season, with some of the cruelest ads I've even seen.  I've also been annoyed by the amount of media attention that the more radical candidates have been getting and how much mainstream news has been covering what would otherwise be fodder for tabloids.

I also sort of the hate a lot of the candidates that are running. At one point, I debated not voting or perhaps not voting for particular races.  But I changed my mind when I heard a line that Bill Clinton said over the weekend: (I am definitely paraphrasing here) "We gave them 8 years to dig us into this hole. Give us 4 years - half the time - to try to dig us out."

I'll give them a little more time, but I'm not sure that others will.  (Guess you know which way I'm voting, huh?)


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