Dreams Tulum - Room Review

Besides the sun and sand, the room is a pretty important piece of any vacation.  Dreams Tulum - where we stayed - has two different sections of their resort - the "garden view" section, and the "Dreams" or "preferred" section.

We originally wanted to book a suite in the Dreams section, since I had read a lot of positive reviews about how much nicer those rooms were.  But at the moment that I was booking the room, DH had a small panic attack about the amount of money that we were going to be spending and I agreed to book a regular room in the garden view section, agreeing that if the rooms were super crappy when we checked in that we would complain and/or upgrade to a better. (I should say right now that in general, this trip was incredibly affordable, running us about $2200 which included the hotel, airfare, and rental car.)

Plus, we figured that we would spend almost no time at all in the room, although in reality we spent a great deal of time there because of DH's illness.

Our fabulous king sized bed - we each had our own zip code on that thing!

The living room section of our room

See that couch? There was one on each side of the room.  We didn't realize that we were even going to get couches, but they can really come in handy when one's husband is rolling around on the bed in pain and one wants to read a book while sipping a Corona. 

Anyway, keep in mind that the room that you see above was the cheapest room type that they offered!  Pretty nice, right?  We were very impressed.  There were some small issues, such as some small cracks in the plaster or the fact that the air-conditioning didn't work very well in our first room, but they moved us right away and we were happy for the rest of the week. 

What we later learned when poking our noses into the open doors of other rooms in our section that were being cleaned was that only the end rooms had the fancy couches and were slighter bigger than the rooms that were not ends because of the way that the doors were situated.  Score for us!!!

Some other things that we enjoyed about our room: 

1. The hammock on our porch!

2. And a decent sized balcony
3. The humor factor involved with having a bidet in our room, since neither of us had really ever encountered one before.

4. And finally, room service. Yes, that's right, DH did order two plates of french fries at 1 in the morning for himself. 

All in all, we enjoyed our room a great deal.  
There was one huge downside though - the room was about a 10 minute walk away from the beach and other main sections of the resort.  Sometimes it didn't seem like anything, but if you forgot something and had to run back to the room, it felt like a marathon.  Or after it rained and you had to walk really slowly because the stone walkway was super slippery when wet.  

I'm not sure - knowing what I know now - if I would have paid more up front for a closer room.  It's probably pretty likely, as long as the cost wasn't outrageous.  The long walk really was awful at times.
Final Grade - 
Hacienda Garden View Deluxe Room - B+ (not an A, because of the distance from the beach)


Laura said...

A king bed is a must for me when booking a hotel. It's my treat to myself... even if I am alone. :) I will have a king bed some day.

JBonsall said...

Thank you for your review. I am in the process of booking a vacation and appreciate the detailed review for comparison of rooms.

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