"Lilies in a variety of colors"

I thought I would intersperse vacation recaps with some garden updates, since a lot has happened since our vacation!!!

Back when I ordered all of those "dormant" plants, my order included 20 bulbs, which were said to be a variety of colors.  The pictures showed yellow, orange, red, white, burgandy, pink, and probably even more colors.

I was excited to see what colors I would ultimately end up with, thinking that they might all be yellow and orange.

That was definitely not the case, and although I don't really feel like I got the "variety of colors" that I was promised, the fact that they all appear to be maroon and white is a good thing.

 Do they change colors later on? Or will they be the same color every year?  For example, these lilies are supposed to "spread quickly" and "make a great ground cover."  If that's the case, as they spread will they all continue to be the same colors? 

I'll be excited when/if these actually start the spread.  As you can tell, this garden is still looking pretty sparse. I just need to remind myself that I only planted it a couple of months ago, and that I followed all of the appropriate spacing instructions (something I am NOT usually very good at.)  Hopefully in a couple of years - or maybe even next year - it will look amazing!


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