I'm back!!!!

Whew! What a week!  I now totally understand what people mean when they say that they need a vacation from their vacation.  I took today off and did more laundry than I knew we owned, and basically got nothing else done!!! Seriously - I need at least 2 more days of work.

Our Mexico vacation was good, although DH was sick for about half of it.  I felt fine all week, so it definitely wasn't from the water!  I think that it was eating a lot of Mexican dairy that made him sick.  He refuses to admit that he also thinks that the reason, but a lot of occurrences point straight back to him eating dairy, so I'm going to state right here right now that he was sick from dairy.  Fact.  Since I already avoid all dairy anyway, it makes sense that I wasn't stricken with the same illness.

I have lots of posts to write, complete with many pictures (I took over 600), including reviews about the resort, the food, and our many excursions.  And that's not even mentioning all that I have to say about the garden, which is so overwhelming right now that I just stood up there staring at it for a solid ten minutes before I could even comprehend just how much happened in one short week.

But it should be a busy week of posts!


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