Dreams Tulum - Beach review

I think the beach deserves it's own write-up because it's a rather unique beach, and in my research the qualities of this beach came up a lot on sites such as Trip Advisor.

In many ways, it's actually rather run of the mill.  Your everyday tiki hut umbrellas, some randomly placed palm trees, and beautiful blue water.  The sand - for the most part - is a beautiful white color, and is generally nice and soft.

But there are a LOT of rocks just off the shoreline.

Do you see all of those rocks in the water? They made it nearly impossible to walk into the water unless you had on water shoes of some sort.

Here's another view. See all of those dark spots?  They're all rocks or reefs and are VERY painful to walk on or run into.

This meant that there weren't a lot of great opportunities for swimming in the ocean.  For the most part, this wasn't a big deal for us, since we generally prefer to swim in the pools anyway.  The only place that was really decent for swimming in was the area right in front of this giant blow-up trampoline that they called an iceberg.  Let's just say that there is NO WAY that this particular trampoline would be allowed to be used in the US.  It was falling apart, with rusty springs, half of which were missing anyway.  Do NOT let your child on this trampoline.

But, the swimming was nice in this area, and that's all that really mattered to us. 

However, if swimming is the ocean is important to you, this is probably not the place for you.  The swimming area pictured above - since it was the only area you could really swim - always had people in it.  And it really was a pretty small area overall.  It's definitely something to consider if you the kind of person that likes to swim in the ocean.

The nice thing about the water here is that it was generally pretty calm the entire week.  I personally hate getting into the ocean when there are huge waves constantly crashing over me and knocking me over. That's not fun to me.  The waves here were always really gentle and the water is fairly shallow - you can go REALLY far out (if you can handle the rocks) and it never really gets much deeper than 5 or 6 feet.

Oh, and there was usually some seaweed on the beach, but that man on the far right raked it up and carted it away every morning, so it really wasn't a problem

The plus-side to the rocky beach was that there was some decent snorkeling to be had right off of the shore.  But I'm going to save beach snorkeling (and cenote snorkeling for that matter!) for it's own post!


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