Tulum weather

It's finally close enough to our departure date to see the extended 10 day forecast for Tulum.  Usually I take the 10 day forecast with a grain of salt - I don't believe that meteorologists can actually predict the weather that far out, since they're very often wrong about the forecast for even just one day out.

I don't necessarily need to worry about that with Tulum though.  Partly because I'll be on vacation and so I'm going to relax no matter what the weather is like.  But partly because the weather in Tulum in the summer is pretty much the same every single day.

High's in the 80's, lows in the 70's, and a random thunderstorm pretty much every afternoon.  Hopefully the rest of the time it's sunny.  After our completely rained out Cape Cod vacation last year, I neeeeeed some beach time in the sun.


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