Loving Leaves

Pittsburgh saw lovely fall weather this evening, which allowed us to spend plenty of time playing outside, something that EH hasn't gotten enough of.  DH did some leaf blowing, and saved a little pile for EH to play in, although the title of this post is probably not appropriate since EH didn't really love playing in the leaves.

But I did.  And he loved walking around them enough that I'll call it a success, and I'm sure next year he'll be even more enthusiastic.

This was a weekend at home, and since there was little on the agenda we got a ton done, including finally getting my summer clothes packed up and into the attic and my sweaters and winter clothes into the closet, 5 loads of laundry (4 of which were mine, and 1 of which was EH's) and plenty of other small around the house projects.  It's leave us slightly cleaner and slightly more prepared for hosting Thanksgiving dinner on Thursday, something I haven't done for three years now!

EH is excited - last Thanksgiving he was sick with a horrible ear infection.  This year he's not only going to be healthy but he's going to get eat turkey, mashed potatoes, and stuffing - all foods that I know he's going to love!  I'm took nearly 200 pictures this weekend (making up for the month that I took none at all) so I'm going to try to post a few of the highlights over the next couple of days!


Kate said...

He is so big, and looks just like his father! Wonderful!
We must get together soon so I can fill you in on my new job.

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