Stupid Picasa

So I tried to upload some pictures this evening and Blogger tells me that my 1 gb of "Picasa Web Albums" storage is full.  So I go to Picasa web albums and delete at least a half dozen massive albums, some containing over 100 pictures each, thinking that will get me down to below quota and allow me to upload 3 measly pictures of my cute kid.

But no, even after all of that deleting, it's still telling me I don't have any more storage, and it wants me to buy storage.  This is stupid.  I know I have space - is google just trying to make money off of me?  How can I actually get Picasa to recognize and admit to the fact that I deleted hundreds of photos, so I should be allowed to upload 3 new ones???? I know that some people post WAY more pictures than I do to their blogger blogs - are all of those people really paying a monthly fee to be able to do that??? I can't imagine so..

Anyway, I will continue to investigate but if you have a quick solution, PLEASE let me know! Otherwise, this blog will be even more boring than it already has been lately!


Laura said...

I use flikr. I pay $25 a year for unlimited.

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