We Voted (barely)

We voted tonight, but it wasn't easy, or pleasant or anything that I ever wish to repeat.  Taking a one year old and having to wait for nearly 90 minutes and having that wait extend into bed time was one of the least pleasant experiences of EH's existence.

I almost walked away.  EH was screaming inconsolably, it was hot, I was cranky, my back and my knees hurt from bouncing him in the baby carrier.  I had the keys in my hand. And then he quieted enough to convince me to wait a few more minutes.

We made it. But I hated every minute of it, and I am soooo glad it's over.

The tv ads, the phone calls, the junk mailings.  Does anyone think that stuff works? The long lines at polling places - how have we not come up with a more efficient way to move people more quickly through the lines? It frustrates me, and to be quite honest, if DH hadn't pushed me, I would have walked away.

But I didn't. And while you won't hear me raving about how excited I am to have have "exercised my right as an american," I will say that I'm glad it's over and done with, and it is funny to me how much DH enjoys watching these results come in.

So, if you voted, I say "way to go!" But if you didn't, and especially if you have a toddler, I don't judge you at all, and I am - in fact - jealous of the probably calm evening you probably had. Your vote does matter, but your sanity matters more, and I know that I nearly lost mine.

Go America.


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