One Fresh Thanksgiving Turkey

From what I understand, the animal kingdom operates a little differently than mankind does.  One of the biggest differences (aside from oppose-able thumbs and higher-level thinking) is that the female tends to be the less impressive gender.  The males are always spending time fluffing their feathers, strutting around in their bright colors, and in general doing everything they possibly can to attract females (ok, so maybe that aspect isn't all that different.)

But here's what I'm not sure about the animal kingdom - does the number of females that you attract give you higher statue?  Is an animal that has attracted a following of 19 females better than one who only has 5 ladies following him around?

If so, this turkey that visited our yard yesterday, might be the king of all turkeys.

He had 19 - actually, there were really too many to count, so I will correct that to say at least 19 - female turkeys following his every move.  If he started moving in one direction, they skittishly followed.  If he didn't seem concerned then they weren't either.

It's hard to really see in the picture above just how many turkeys there really are, but take my word for it - there were a lot.  And the big guy was definitely the only male.

I am not a hunter, and in general don't advocate the killing of animals (except for anyone who wants to come down and take care of the deer that keep eating our plants,) but I would be lying if I didn't admit that the following thought crossed my mind - "That bird would make for one fresh Thanksgiving turkey."

No worries though.  He and his entire harem of women made were left unharmed.

Also, after comparing a female turkey to a male turkey, I have to wonder if all of the turkeys we eat are male?  Those female birds don't look like they would have much meat at all, and male turkeys are definitely more attractive than the females.


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