Poor baby!

This was EH's first Thanksgiving, but he pretty much slept through it.  He is (was) so.  Soooo sick.  It was heartbreaking and terrifying all at once.

He's had a cold ever since the weekend following his first two half days of day care - before he even started full time.  Think before Halloween.  That long.  But he was still a relatively happy baby despite the coughing and sneezing so we didn't think much of it.  Then the following week day care called because they were worried that he was running a fever.  I had to leave work early to pick him and took him to the doctor.  He was diagnosed with an ear infection and prescribed an antibiotic which he took for the next 10 days.

But the cold didn't go away.  In fact, it only continued to get worse.  He finished his antibiotics on a Thursday and that weekend he was hacking and sneezing so much that I called the doctor first thing Monday morning and DH took him that afternoon after he was done with school.  He was diagnosed with another ear infection - the other ear this time - and given a different, supposedly stronger antibiotic.

He did not like this antibiotic at all, and that's when things really started going downhill.

He slept most of Thanksgiving day, and even when he was awake, he cried this super sad cry the entire time.  Everyone wanted to see him and visit with him, but he took a nap that lasted nearly 4 hours and covered the length of most of our visit to at my sisters for Thanksgiving lunch.  That night when we took him home I fed him and tried to get him to go to sleep but he was abnormally fussy.  He was coughing and crying and it was the saddest thing.  I was holding him, trying to get him to go to sleep, but he wouldn't have it.

Then all of a sudden I felt him convulsing. I was worried that he was having a seizure when all of a sudden he threw up ALL over me.  So much.  I startled me so much that I jerked and almost tossed him (but I didn't, don't worry.)  I was soaking wet and could not believe how much he threw up.   I felt like it had to be even more than he had eaten.  And it smelled like antibiotic.  Great - he didn't keep that down....  After that he seemed to be feeling better feel asleep, although he did wake up in the middle of night to eat again.

The next morning was basically a repeat of the night before, although he threw up multiple times.  He couldn't stop coughing, which I think contributed to the vomiting, and he coughed non-stop for over an hour.  At this point it was 7:30 a.m., so at 8:02 I called the pediatrician's office, hoping they would be open.  they were.  AND they were able to get us in at 8:30 that morning.  We rushed to get dressed and took him straight there.  Some people were out doing Black Friday shopping.  We went to the pediatrician's office.

His temperature was 99.4 (not quite a fever according to them) and his ears were still really infected.  Since he hadn't gotten his last two doses of antibiotic, they gave him an injection of antibiotic and then made us an appointment for the next morning.  He was still really sick for the remainder of that day and was weirdly fussy.  Same for Saturday, but on Sunday he finally started improving.  He took lots of naps and was pretty fussy, but he was finally smiling again, something that he hadn't done in a while.

So now it's Tuesday, and I think he's finally started to feel better.  Although I was only with him for about 20 minutes this evening, he didn't cough at all.  We now give him his antibiotic in a bottle with a small amount of formula which seems to make it easier to swallow for him and he hasn't been vomiting it up.  I'm crossing my fingers that he's going to sleep through the night tonight - for the past week or so he would wake up from his coughing and had to be fed to get him back to sleep. 

These infant ear infections really suck.  Poor EH has had ear infections and has been on antibiotics for his entire first month of day care, precisely where I am sure he contracted all of those ear infections.  Everyone keeps saying "He's building up a good tolerance!" in regards to his immune system, but I'd rather he just didn't get sick at all. 

I certainly hope that he gets well soon and that we can maybe get a week or two of healthy baby before he comes down with something else again.  Is there anything a parent can do to help keep their babies from getting sick? Particularly if they're at day care?  I think I need a miracle!


Laura said...

You seriously have one of the cutest babies ever!

I have heard that chiropractors are really good for ear aches. Even for babies.

My Jason had a fever all day today. I don't know if there is anything worse than a sick kid. It's so sad and there is only so much us moms can do.

Jenny said...

Having a sick baby never gets easier, even when they're older. So so sad. But here's a few tips that's gotten Addison and Delaney through their colds/coughs a little easier.
1. Use the cool mist humidifier at night.
2. Rub Baby Vicks on his feet at night (make sure they're covered with feetie pj's so he can't get to it!)
3. For runny noses, "Boogie Wipes" are wonderful! (Yes, they're actually called that) We buy ours at Sam's Club, not sure where else sells them. But they make wiping noses sooo much easier, and they don't make their little noses raw. And we ALWAYS put Aquaphor on their noses a few times throughout the day to stop the redness, too, works wonders, really.
Hope he really is on the up and up and feeling better. See you soon!

Suzi said...

TOTALLY agree with Jenny!!! The humidifier+vicks combo is awesome. You want to SATURATE his bedroom at night -- so much so that it almost feels uncomfortable to stand in there b/c it's so humid. I know that seems counter-intuitive. You'd like you wouldn't want it to be moist if he has a too-much-mucus problem. But you'll be amazed at how much better he'll sleep. AND he'll feel much better the next day! Sleep should really be one of your first priorities in these situations. Just like we do, they need sleep in order for their bodies to start kickin' out the germs. Get him a good night's sleep, and you'll be on your way to recovery! :)

Also, you can look into a Vick's "waterless" vaporizer/humidifier. It's a plug-in thing. We LOVE it! It makes the whole room smell awesome!

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