My New Life

Life continues to be non-stop busy, even more so now that I am back at work.  After only four full days at work last week I had to leave early yesterday when day care called to say that Evan was running a fever (he has a cold AND an ear infection) and then take off a day today to attend my aunts funeral.  The saying is true - when it rains it pours.  I have a feeling that will be true even more than ever with a baby.

Here's what's new:
1. I'm losing my hair in large quantities. I thought this usually happened right after your baby was born, but apparently for me it happens around the three month mark.
2. We traveled to Philadelphia last weekend for a wedding and we're going to Baltimore this weekend for early Thanksgiving.  Traveling with a baby is more challenging than I could have ever remembered.
3. I'm still sad about sending EH off to day care, especially after he got a cold and ear infection after only two days there.  Maybe I should consider that health spending account after all.
4. EH is shaping up to be a really good baby. Everyone at the funeral was impressed with how good and quiet he was being.

So, life is good, just busier than ever. My blogging time is spent washing bottles and giving baths.  I want to get back to it soon, but I don't know where I'm going to find the time. 

What's nice is that I have so much cuteness and love in my life.  It doesn't make it easier but it does make me happy in the meantime.


Suzi said...

Babies are the best. :)

As for your hair -- GET YOUR THYROID CHECKED! Yes, hairloss is common after pregnancy. But, it's also common in thyroid issues. And thyroid issues after extremely common in women from 24-40, and often times the onset is STRESS. (I am a thyroid EXPERT! ...ironically, since I no longer have one. :)

Anyway, it's just a simple blood test. No fasting, nothing. Seriously one of the easiest blood tests ever. DO IT! Better to be safe than sorry!

(FYI: I was informed of the onset of my thyroid issues when my hairdresser alerted me to 3 half-dollar sized bald spots on my head that she found while cutting my hair. I had no idea.)

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