Catching up

So, I'm finally catching up on some of my blogging, including finishing up some posts from sooooo long ago.  Up first - Baby Bonanza 2011! - our incredibly fun co-ed baby shower.

After that there are two other Baby Bonanza-themed co-ed showers that I'd like to showcase, followed by some final thoughts on my birthing experience and my opinions of Magee, a post on "telling it how it is," and a couple of other random catch-up posts. Plus I have a TON of EH photos that are super cute and need to be posted asap. 

It's hard, keeping up with blogging while getting everything else done in life.  But I'm slowly (oh so very slowly) starting to get into a routine, and working on finding (and prioritizing) a healthy work/life balance.  I hope that means more thoughtful and interesting posts, and if there's anything that you'd like to hear about - anything! - just leave it in a comment below and I'll try to address it in a future post! 


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