He is a gift

This post should be a rant about how the shipping industry needs to improve their packaging materials, or even better, have more box size options so that a small order doesn't have to be shipped in an inappropriately ginormous box that thus requires tons of packing materials.

But why rant about that?  I did that at home, to myself and I'm over it now. 

I received a package from an Amazon.com order last week and could not believe how much brown crumpled up paper they used to stuff the empty space in the box.  I started pulling it out and quickly realized that it was all one big piece of paper off of a huge roll.  I handed the end to DH and started pulling, and seriously, I could not believe how much paper was in there.

"I feel like we should do something with it," I said casually.

"Let's make me a mummy," DH said.  Then proceeded to post these pictures to his Facebook page, with the album caption "I Am A Gift." 

So he stood up and spun in a circle while I wrapped the paper around him. We had more than enough to go around his body dozens of times.  Then he stood next to the tree and I stuck a bow on him.  How ridiculous, right?

Murph wasn't sure what to think

I think my sister said it best when she said, "It scares me to think that that's what you two do with your spare time." 

It's true. 


Laura said...

That's awesome hahaha!

Corinne said...

HAHA!! Oh wow! That is hysterical!
SO much wasted paper! But at least you were able to enjoy it a little!

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