I am an evil person

After all of my talk about wanting to kill the choosy mouse I wasn't prepared for what I just experienced tonight.

I decided to check the mouse traps and I noticed that one ofthe older traps had been set off. This trap was pet proof - it was a little plastic tunnel that only mice could fit in. DH asked me to confirm that it was definitely a mouse since these traps were enclosed so I opened the trap a tiny to look for fur.

I nearly burst into tears when a tiny nose and whiskers popped out trying to escape. In my utter shock I dropped the trap into the trash and let out snap shut again. I ran out of the room.  DH could not believe that the mouse was still alive anddidn't want to go into the room. But there was no way I could face that mouse again. He knew that I knew he was alive. I am an evil human being.

Eventually I convinced DH to tie the bag. I felt horrible letting the mouse die a slow and painful death like that but he would have suffered either way. He was probably hurt too much to recover even if we had set him free outside. I wish I could have given him a more humane death, but the damage was already done.

Choosy mouse, if that was you, I am sorry. I never meant for it to end this way. May you suffocate quickly in that trash bag and go to mouse heaven with all the other mice. I hope that you have a happy life in a place better than our attic. I am sorry.


Ms2Mrs..and back to Ms said...

I just had to get rid of a mouse recently too! However, getting rid of mine was way less traumatic. Hugs! Sorry you experienced that.

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