Door No More

Remember this door?

Turns out it's pretty unlikely that we're actually going to get it now.  First of all, Home Depot is super annoying about getting back us (read: they don't get back to us.)  After waiting for a phone call with a price estimate three weeks after they took the measurements, they call us and tell us that we have to come in.   So so told them we'd come in.  And then we didn't.  Take that, stupid Home Depot.

But now we're in a bind - we need a new door.  And we have no base price to compare other prices to, if we do end up shopping around.  We're thinking about going to Home Depot, getting the price for comparison but not ordering the door through them (because their customer service has been atrocious) and then shop around with some other places to get something comparable. 

It sounds like such a pain in the ass but what else can we do?  We either invest the time into looking at other options, or we suck it up and give Home Depot our business even though they have certainly not earned it.

And even if we do decide to shop around, we don't know where to begin looking, other than Google which is not a good indicator of customer service or quality.  Has anyone ever purchased a door from a place other than a big box company like Home Depot or Lowe's?  If so, who were they and were you happy?


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