Who are you? Please tell!

I use sitemeter.com to track my blog statistics.  It's not like it really matters to me how many people read my blog, but since I tend to get so few comments ( *sad face* ) I like to know that anyone is reading out there. If no one was reading at all, I might give it up.

So occasionally I'll log into sitemeter to make sure that at the very least my mom hasn't quit on me, and I never cease to be amazed.

I have learned to recognize the IP addresses or locations of some of the people that I know who read this blog - my parents, some relatives, and a handful of "real life" friends.

But I also have a fairly regular reader from Ottawa, Canada.  Who are you!?!? I would love to know!

What about the Rochester, Michigan reader?  Or the Little Rock, Arkansas reader? What about the person from Missouri? Or the handful of readers from various locations in California? 

I don't regularly check my stats - there's really very little purpose other than my curiosity.  But what I have found to be really helpful is looking at the "Referring URL" for people who went through a search engine and came to my blog through that.

There are also always a handful of readers each and every day that came across my blog from a search engine, and the majority of search engine referrals are for
  1. Stink bugs (No surprise here, considering the recent epidemic)
  2. Creaking bed slats (I wrote this so long ago! Apparently there is a great need for information related to creaky beds!
  3. Tulum, Mexico or cenotes in general (That reminds me, I need to finish my recaps soon)
  4. Co-ed Shower - Which was a co-ed wedding shower and nothing dirty or weird, but I get SO MANY hits from that
I've also learned that:
1. People use the "Bing" search engine more than I thought
2. People can't spell to save their lives
    But anyway, to get back to the topic at hand, if you are reading this, I ask that just this one time, please leave a comment to say hi!  Tell me where you're from and how you came to find my blog!  And if you're comfortable doing so, leave a link to yours - I would love to share the blog love!


    Anonymous said...

    It me Cari over at rennsnest.wordpress.com :) :)

    Laura said...

    It could possibly be the layout of your posts... you have the comment link all the way at the top. You should move it to the bottom. More practical. People like convenience. And it's also really tiny. I remember the first time I tried to comment it took me a minute to find your link.

    I have a lot of readers that never comment. I'm always surprised by people that are all "I read your blog every day." I never had a clue. People like to just read mostly.

    Emily said...

    It's your old friend, Emily! I try to keep updated by reading your blog :) Hope to see you over the holidays!!
    EM :)

    Kate said...

    Kate here. Getting ready to drink at the Republican bar.

    BeeKayRoot said...

    I enjoy reading your blog. More often than not, it gives me something to chuckle about. I feel like I can relate to a lot of the things you post, and I always enjoy your photos, etc.

    It's been much easier keeping up with your blog and all the others I enjoy by using Google Reader.

    Hope all is well!

    Bill said...


    I work with your Dad and he got me on to your blog. While the articles are neat, without a doubt the real star of the show is Murphy.

    Anonymous said...

    Hey...it is Sara Hicks (from IUP). I try to drop by once in a while to see how you and life in Western PA are!

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