So much to watch, so little time

This fall I have been overwhelmed with the number of TV series on that I am interested in watching.  There are so many shows that I want to follow that I am struggling to keep up.  Even with the acquisition of a high-definition DVR, I simply CAN NOT keep up. 

Here's the current line-up.

Shows that I watch with Dave (usually while I exercise): 
- Heroes
- V
- Flash Forward
- Grey's Anatomy
- The Office

Shows that I watch by myself (either online at lunch or while exercising by myself): 
- Glee
- Private Practice
- Survivor
- The Amazing Race
- So You Think You Can Dance

Shows that I considered watching, but were abandoned because if I committed to them as well, I would watching TV every waking moment: 
- Three Rivers
- The Biggest Loser (this was a hard one for me to give up on...)
- 30 Rock

That's a LOT of shows, adding up to a minimum of 10 hours per week.  More if you consider that I watch the Today Show for 30 minutes each morning and usually have the Steeler's game on on Sunday's.  I feel overwhelmed just thinking about all of the catching up that I have to do.....

AND!!! Who knows if I'm missing any here?? Are there any amazing shows that I should be watching that aren't including on this list???


LAURA said...

I try to limit myself to one show a season... which is easy because we don't have cable. Right now though we have been watching SYTYCD and Glee. But I have to say that I am getting bored with Glee. When it first started it made me laugh all the time. It's getting kind of dull now which is disappointing. I think I'll stop watching it.

We are also hooked on Lost now. We needed something to do one night and I was like "hey lets check out Lost" so we watched it on the internet. We are somewhere in the middle of season three now haha. We watch it way too much!

BeeKayRoot said...

I feel your pain... I don't have DVR, and I want it pretty badly.

This season, I've been following The Office, Biggest Loser, Amazing Race and Survivor.

I've watched more TV this fall than I have in a long time!

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