Pittsburgh Photo Shoot

Last weekend we had BEAUTIFUL weather!  If you live in Pennsylvania then chances are you had beautiful weather as well.  Our initial plan was to spend the day driving around Pittsburgh taking pictures with Dave's Nikon D-500 camera from school.  We wanted to see if we could get any frame worthy pictures. 

Unfortunately, a series of events throughout the day prohibited us from starting our journey until almost 4:30 p.m., which meant that the sun was already setting.  However, we were able to get a few good photos and I plan to post them over the next few days.

The first place that I took pictures was at Dave's rental property (because he had to respond to a call - yet another event that pushed us back.)  However, I didn't even have the good camera with me at the time, so these were taken with my good old Olympus FE-340.

A view of downtown from Frazier field

The sun setting so quickly even though we hadn't even begun yet

This next one is one of my favorites from the day.  It's a shot of the back of the houses in the neighborhood where Dave's rental properties are.  He lived here for years and I can't believe that I never really looked at it with a more critical eye.  I've only seen it with my "city eyes," which are the eyes that allow me to walk past homeless people without feeling bad for them, or to see someone on the sidewalk fall but not make a move to help them up.  Because if I allowed myself to "see" all of these things, I would quickly become overwhelmed.  City eyes prevents me (us) from becoming overwhelmed - it's helps us rationalize.  "That homeless person probably makes $100,000 a year," or "Someone else will help them."  It's sad really...

Anyway, I feel like you could find this picture in almost any city. Any run-down, dilapidated neighborhood surrounding by chain-link fence.  But it's Pittsburgh.  It's a street that Dave lived on, and now a street where he owns houses.  That's crazy to me...

Isn't it beautiful in a strange, sad way?


LAURA said...

I too have been enjoying the beautiful weather and I have been out taking lots of pictures!

BeeKayRoot said...

Nice pics!

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