Yesterday, I had a migraine.  It was awful.  It started in the morning, and I took one of my migraine pills and headed to work.  About mid-morning, I thought that I felt it subsiding, but by noon it was crippling.  I laid on my couch and closed my eyes for about 10 minutes, but I couldn't relax with all of the intense throbbing.

I don't understand why I've suddenly been getting migraines again.  I used to get them when I was in high school. Then, I was diagnosed with a bunch of food allergies, I stopped eating those foods, and the migraines literally went away.  I didn't have any problems during college (except for my freshman year when I was at a university where I'm pretty sure I was allergic to the grass) but then about a year ago, they started up again. It was a full year after we moved to this house, so I'm pretty sure it's not from a change in setting. 

Over the counter medications don't work, so I recently went to see a doctor and got prescription for a generic Imitrix.  It does work, but ONLY if I am able to lay down and relax for at least 30 to 40 minutes after taking it, and in most cases, I'm not able to do that.  What that means is that I suffer for hours upon hours and am incredibly unproductive, because I can't use a vacation day every time I have a migraine, or I won't have any days left.  It's so frustrating...

What's perhaps even more frightening is that I've found myself mentally going into a semi-conscious state when I'm in particular pain.  While in this state, I'm not thinking (about anything, really) so I don't think about the pain, which is nice.  But then my cell phone rings, and I nearly jump out of my skin, and I realize that I'm in my car and I don't remember getting from point A to point B, and I'm on the interstate going 60 miles per hour.  It's disconcerting, to say the least. 

I have been trying to pinpoint what might be causing these, but I can't figure it out.  I eat the same foods every day, and I haven't been able to tie one particular food to the instance of migraines.  I'm not under stress at work - in fact, this is the least stressful time of the year for me - so yesterday's migraine could not have been related to that.

I keep telling myself, "Next time that I get one, I'll go to the doctor again," but then each time I get one I can't remember what life was life without a migraine.  I'm not sure what else my doctor can do, and perhaps there isn't anything... but I am the kind of person that likes to investigate to the root of a problem, which makes these unexplainable headaches particularly frustrating.

Any suggestions?


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