Our Christmas Tree

Saturday night, after an enjoyable dinner with some friends, I put up our Christmas tree.  Dave had a lot of work to do, so I did it myself, and in a way, that way good because it allowed me to take my time and do some creative things instead of the same old gold-beads-and-balls that we've put up in past years.

Our white and silver themed tree

An ornament that we received the Christmas following our wedding

These bows were pulled from our excess wedding programs

And these bells were actually leftover from our wedding too

Some Pitt pride...

... and these little red boxes add some color.

And, well, there are obviously a lot more, but we'll save some of those for next year.

And seriously, the wedding "theme" was not planned... in fact, I just realized that now as I was posting these.  Basically we were just trying to use up things that we had leftover, and that somehow became the theme!

What favorite ornaments do you have?


BeeKayRoot said...

Love the Pitt Pride!

My grandmother bought all of us grandkids a different, wooden, homemade ornament for several years when we were younger. My mom still puts them on the tree, and there are quite a few!

I struggle between wanting a tree that is merely aesthetically pleasing versus meaningful (i.e. ornaments that have some story behind them).

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