Random Updates

Because there's not enough time to write it all out thoughtfully, here's what's going on right now!

1. It's my birthday.  I'm 31.  30 didn't phase me at all, but 31 has me feeling just the sliiiightest bit "old."  I'm sure I'll get over it though.

2. Day care is still frustrating.  EH still cries a lot.  He's still not sleeping. 

3. We have a meeting set up tomorrow with a potential at-home caregiver.  We know little about her, but we have high hopes that something might work out.  There are a lot of things to think about when considering switching from a center to an at home situation.  No other leads though, other than this one.

4. Care.com sucks.  It's a website for finding caregivers.  I find it to be sneaky and manipulative.  I hope to write a whole post about how I hate care.com.  I'm sorry in advance if you've used the site and love it.

That's all. More soon, but for now I am going to Mad Mex for my birthday burrito (and probably a birthday drink! I deserve it.)


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