Ever Changing

One of the greatest challenges I face as a mom and blogger is keeping things up to date. With so little time to blog these days I find myself starting posts and then not coming back to finish them until days later.  That didn't used to be a big deal, but now, by the time I come back to the post to finish it, the information is already outdated.  Babies change too much, too fast.  I can't keep up!

One thing that hasn't changed - he's still a cutie!

 For example, if I was to write a post about EH's sleep habits three weeks ago, I would have raved about how he was sleeping 10+ hours per night, in his crib, without his pacifier!!!  Seriously, there was a week or two there when he was such a good baby I thought that we were the luckiest parents alive.

Then he got sick again, and he needed his pacifier for soothing.  And he couldn't breathe laying flat on his back so we put him in his rocker. 

And now.  Well, now if I was to write a post about his sleep habits, it would be a whole different story.  I would tell you about how he's been waking up 3 to 5 times per night, crying, and we have to run in a give him his pacifier.  I would tell you about last night, when we tried to put him to be at 7:30 p.m. in his crib, and he just screamed and cried.  We gave him a little more food. Still cried.  We held him.  He would stop crying until we laid him down again.  He had his pacifier and didn't really care.  He gave him his seahorse, which he likes to watch at night, but he still just cried.  We tried to just let him "cry it out," but he was relentless and it was miserable listening to him be so miserable.

Finally, I put him in his rocker, and he was out like a light.  Seriously, one second screaming, the next sound asleep.  Of course it was 9:30 p.m. at this point, so maybe he was exhausted, but in any case, the rocker was like a sedative to him. On top of that, he didn't wake up ONCE the entire night.  Not once.  Based on the past few nights, that is truly amazing. 

Part of my silence in not writing much lately is because we've been busy spending every spare minute that we have with our little guy.  But part of it has to do with the fact that something I write today will likely be outdated tomorrow.  The ever-changing nature of infants makes it hard for any casual writer to keep readers up to date on development matters.  This doesn't mean that I'm not going to continue trying, but man, it's hard!


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