We're Home!

EH, Murphy and I are all back in the 'Burgh, after a nice relaxing week at my parents house.***  I told DH yesterday that it was sort of like an all inclusive vacation - all you can eat, all you can drink, all you can relax all week.  Except that I had a baby with me.  But even some of that work was taken care of.  We had a great week and it's a little bit of a shock to be home now - you mean I have to cook my own meals again?  Murphy can't believe that we won't let him in and out every 10 minutes and EH doesn't get nearly as many hugs and snuggles as he got there. We were definitely spoiled. 

But it's also good to be home.

My own bed, all of my clothes (although most of them still don't fit). And of course, my husband, who was very lonely without the three of us around all week. 

Now that EH is on a better sleep schedule, I'm hoping to be able to get a lot more blogging done in my last three weeks of maternity leave. (ACK! Is it seriously almost over already!?!?!)  I have lots of posts started or already written and I just need to add pictures to many of them and finish writing the others.  If I ever get around to publishing them all, it could be a small novel!

Anyway, just wanted to say "thanks" for sticking around and reading and I promise that more frequent posts will be coming soon!

*** I tried to post pictures and updates during the week but my blogging app on my phone was failing miserable, as was the email posting feature. Not sure why!!!


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