I Might Believe in "Jinxing"

Sometimes it seems as if as soon as I say something "out loud" (by writing it here) that my words come back to bite me in the ass. 

For example, yesterday I wrote about how EH was finally sleeping 5 to 8 hours each night.  That has been going on for nearly a week now.  But tonight, after his bottle at 7 p.m. he woke up at 10 p.m. (only 3 hours later) and then after another full bottle he woke up AGAIN at 2 a.m.!  That's two feedings during time when he would have been sleeping had it been the night before.  Seriously, did I jinx myself? 

On top of that, when I say something like "I have made peace with the fact that I will not be done breastfeeding by the time I go back to work," and I feel good about the fact that I was able to go 5 hours during the day without any horribly painful duct clogs, I wake up tonight after ONLY FOUR HOURS with a clog painful enough for the record books.  Just when I decided that maybe some continued breastfeeding would be ok, if for nothing else other than the savings generated by not having to use formula for a few feedings each day, something like this happens and all I can think over and over and over is "It would be worth EVERY PENNY in formula costs to not have to go through this night after night."

On a only somewhat related note - I think it's time to invest in a white noise machine.  The entire house does not need to wake up just because EH is up for a feeding, but with the way that sound travels in our house, I'm pretty sure DH wakes up every time EH and I do.

So it's been a rough night, can you tell?  Is this what all of my nights are going to look like in the near future?

To end things on a more positive note - even though I am feeling anything but positive right now - I am going to include another picture from the photo session of EH earlier today in his little hooded jacket, since so many people thought those pictures were cute! He was being a total ham when I was taking pictures and it was incredibly adorable.

So, wish me luck in that you don't see too many more of these 3:30 a.m. can't-sleep-because-my-boobs-hurt-too-bad sort of posts. I hate them.


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